Board of Directors
Matthew Ruby (T)
Troy Donovan Clark (S)
Bob Marget
Jim Rosenberg (VP)
Kris Zielger (P)
Mariam Slayhi

Nancy Przymus

Office Hours
Mon. and Wed. 9AM - 2PM
Fri. 11AM - 4PM


BNA Contact Form

We apologize, but due to an increasing amount of spammers utilizing the 'Contact Us' form on this website, we have been forced to remove it from from the site.  If you would like to e-mail us you will need to manually type bna@bottineauneighborhood.org in the 'To:' field.  We are also unable to provide a direct 'mail to' link due to the same illegitimate use.  We hope you understand.

You can always call us at (612) 367-7262.

Thanks for understanding.
(P) = President
(VP) = Vice President
(T) = Treasurer
(S) = Secretary
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