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Our Mission:

BNA shall work to
Maintain the stability, Enhance the social & economic well being, Preserve the historical significance, and Celebrate the diversity of the Bottineau neighborhood.

BNA shall strive to
build community ties within and outside of the neighborhood by emphasizing cooperation and participation.
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Tent Event Survey
Thanks to those who took the survey online or sent it back in the mail.  We received 23 responces.  The summary can be viewed by clicking here.

The results will be shared with the Gasthof management and a dialogue begun about what can be done to address the two largest concerns: 1) the disruptive behavior of customers after they leave (a difficult challenge) and 2) the "mess" left the mornings after the events (much easier to address)

Stay tuned here for updates.

WebSite Updates
Bear with us as we make some adjustments and design changes to the web site.  We hope things will be more readily accessible.  The most recent and significant change is the use of Google Calendar on the Events page.

Mulberry Junction Community Garden
There are a few plots remaining.  Get 'em while their hot.  Drop us an email at: bna (at)

Bottineau Small Area Plan
The BNA Board, staff and others have been working on a Small Area Plan for the neighborhood over the last year.  While it's taken longer than anticipated (and desired), the draft is ready for a community review.  We have set up a whole page for the Draft Bottineau Neighborhood Small Area Plan.

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