On this page you will find some general information about the Bottineau neighborhood, BNA and some current news items.
Bottineau Park

Spring Programs are now open.  See the activity guide for the Upper Northeast Parks for all the information. (opens a pdf in a new window, and yes we are aware the url says 'winter.')

Rain Garden Complete

Stop by 2400 2nd Street to check out the newest neighborhood rain garden.  With lots of disruptions from heavy rains, it's finally done.  Two 55 gal rain barrels included.  Photos on the rain garden page.

NE Audio Walking Tours

Artshare is working with community residents to create several audio walking tours of NE.  One covers much of the Bottineau neighborhood.  For more information and to lend a hand, check out the website at: Artshare

The project hopes to be completed later this year (late August).  When done, you will be able to download an audio tour for your own walk.  Check it out.  You may recognize a Bottinite or two in the photo.

Foreclosure Counseling

If you or a neighbor or just someone you know is having troubles keeping up with their mortgage for whatever reason, there are people that can help.  For example, PRG, a local non-profit partner located at 2017 E. 38th St. has mortgage foreclosure counselors available to assist families who need advice about their mortgages.  The counselors can help you understand exactly what kind of mortgage you have and provide you with tools to work with your lender if you are behind on your mortgage payments.  The counseling is free and confidential and is available to any one who is facing mortgage concerns.  There is no lower or upper income limit.  Call our counselors at (612) 804-7025 or (612) 805-7756.  Don't wait.  The sooner you take action, the more options you have.  For more information you can visit their website PRGinc.org.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune ran an article on one woman's plight after being scammed into purchasing nearly a dozen properties through a straw buyer' scheme (story link).  From this story you can view a map of foreclosures in Minneapolis separated by area (Northside, Nearnorth, Northeast etc.)  With a little extra research and some help from the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA). We have posted some foreclosure maps for NE Minenapolis (see below).  You will see that there were two foreclosures in Bottineau in 2005 and four in 2006.  With the the newest data available, you will find that there were 19 foreclosures in the Bottineau neighborhood in 2007.  If you count all the foreclosures in 2007 in the river neighborhoods (Marshall Terrace, Bottineau, Sheridan and St. Anthony West), the total reaches 66. 
If you or someone you know might be having difficulties in making mortgage payments, the City of Minneapolis has a list of resources on thier website.

As most everyone seems to be aware, work on the replacement of the Lowry Avenue Bridge is underway.  There are numerous avenues (no pun intended) in which you can have input.  Issues like style, pedestrian access, location, size, etc. are all still open for input.  The County has created a new website for this project: www.lowryavenuebridge.com. While the site is somewhat sparse, there is some good information on projected timelines and the roles of both the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and the Project Advisory Committee (PAC). 

MN Predatory Offender Registry

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) has opened a new website where you can search an extensive database for noncompliant sex offenders.  A noncompliant offender is one that has failed to report changes in address, employment, school, or vehicles owned; failed to return required verification forms; or registrants from other states that move to Minnesota, or visit for more than 14 days, and fail to register with the proper law enforcement agency.

You can search this online database by name, age, or area.  A quick search in the 55418 zip code shows six non compliant offenders whose last known address was in this zip. Use the link below to get to the BCA's online registry.

For a number of reasons, the Bottineau neighborhood certainly has its share of pollution related issues.  This does not mean there is nothing that can be done.  Since the inception of Minneapolis 311, most City departments no longer have a direct line to call in complaints.  Please call 311 to file a complaint about air quality, odors, noise, water pollution, illegal dumping or hazardous spills.  We will leave the old numbers below but they may no longer allow you to file a complaint.
  • Abandoned cars: call Traffic Control at 612-335-5932
  • Drinking water problems: call Minneapolis Water Works at 612-661-4999
  • Illegal dumping on residential property or possible code violations: call Housing Inspections at 612-673-5858
  • Loud noise after business hours: call the Communications Center at 612-348-2345.
  • For Emergencies: call 911
Below are some links to Minneapolis online complaint forms:
For general links to environment, pollution and recycling related web sites, please click over to our Resources page. Below you will find a few links to reports/documents regarding a few specific pollution concerns:
BNA Bylaw Review

As part of good non-profit management, a periodic review of the organizations founding documents should be done. For BNA, these documents are the Articles of Incorporation (BNA is registered with the State of Minnesota as a non-profit corporation) and Bylaws (describe the whys and hows the organization operates).  Arguably the Bylaws is the more important document.  It has been several years since the Bylaws have been reviewed and in that time there have been some changes to State Statutes that affect non profits and even specifically neighborhood organizations.
Use this link to see the working review draft > BNA Bylaws. This document has the existing bylaws on one side and proposed changes to the organization and text on the other.  In the middle you will find explanations for the proposed changes.  If you have any questions or comments please call or email BNA.
All the proposed changes will be brought to the BNA membership (as currently defined) for a vote later this year - perhaps at the annual meeting.

 'Welcome to our Neighborhood, 30 MPH, Please Slow Down'

These plastic signs can be purchased from B&B Adcrafters located at 1712 Marshall Street.  For pricing information and other details, call 612-788-9461 or email bbadcrafters.com.

Other Plans

There are several other plans that will have an impact on the Bottineau neighborhood.  They are:
  • Marshall Main Street Corridor Plan: This plan accommodates the community's desire to have a safer, slower, parkway type roadway that knits Marshall/Main Street into the fabric if the community with the requirements and standards associated with the operation of a County State Aid Highway. This plan was available online at one point.  We're working to find another electronic copy.  The Cunningham Group completed this project.
  • Above the Falls: A Master Plan for the Upper River in Minneapolis: The Upper River Master Plan presents a bold vision for developing the Mississippi riverfront into a regional park amenity in north and northeast Minneapolis.
  • Lowry Avenue Corridor Plan: Input from community meetings identified the need for a more pedestrian-friendly environment with more greenery and renovation or removal of problem properties. The transportation and land use analysis concludes that Lowry Avenue needs to be widened in certain segments to accommodate traffic, new bike lanes, parking, and streetscape improvements. Note there are some significant changes to the geographic suggested in this plan.  In late 2009, the Minneapolis City Council passed a resolution relating to this plan.
A number of links in this website require the ability to view pdf files (portable document files).  You can download a fee viewer from Adobe by clicking the image below.
Tips for calling 311

  1. All calls to 311 get logged into a computer and are given a unique tracking number. Request this number from the operator.
  2. Ask that someone follow up with you. This should get you a call from the person to which the complaint was assigned.
  3. Call back if you do not hear anything within a few days. Refer to the complaint number you received.
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