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Mulberry Junction Community Garden

The blooming, colorful stretch of flowers and tomato plants along California, between 22nd Street and Lowry, is the Mulberry Junction Community Garden. Each spring, garden plots open up for new gardeners; Bottineau residents get first crack. The community garden has been up and running, collaboratively, for around ten years. (There are a handful of elders still with us.) The first years of digging brought up a lot of bricks and odd bits of steel, along with the discovery of an old road bed on the north end. (A chemical test at the University showed no toxics.) By now, the thirty-odd plots have been enriched with rich compost and hard work. The garden stresses organic methods and works on composting its weeds and waste. We also contribute produce to the local food shelf. A selection of garden tools and wheelbarrows is available for use. Large plots (20 x 20) rent for $20 a season, smaller plots (10 x 10) for $10. Our spring kick-off meeting usually takes place in mid-April. Contact BNA before then to sign up for a plot.

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