Here is the new and improved Resource page.  We have organized the phone numbers and web sites into categories that we hope are more intuative.

Police, Fire and Medical Emergency: dial 911

Crime and Safety
  • Metropolitan Transit (Metropolitan Council)
  • Bus Route 11 (pdf map) Columbia Heights > Fridley >NE Minneapolis (2nd Street) > Downtown Minneapolis > South Minneapolis
  • Bus Route 17 (pdf map) Hopkins > St Loius Park > Uptown Minneapolis > Downtown Minneapolis > NE Minneapolis (Washington Avenue)
  • Bus Route 32 (pdf map) Robbinsdale > Downtown Minneapolis > NE Minneapolis (Lowry) > St. Anthony > Roseville
  • Bus Route 824 (limited stop) (pdf map) Coon Rapids > Blaine > Fridley > Columbia Heights > NE Minneapolis (University & Lowry) > Downtown Minneapolis
  • Bus Route 827 (pdf map) River Crossing > Anoka > Coon Rapids > Blaine > Fridley > East River Road > NE Minneapolis (Marshall Street) > Downtown Minneapolis [The service of this route anywhere south of Hwy 694 was discontinued December '05.]
Environment, Pollution & Recycling
Health & Wellness
Email Crime Alert Lists
Use any or all of the links below to receive email crime alerts from the Minneapolis Police Department.  Make sure the message is blank and there is no subject. To be removed from these lists, use the same link, but change the "-on" to "-off" or see this page.
air quality index
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