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Bottineau Neighborhood Small Area Plan
Long Range Strategies for Neighborhood Improvement

Things change.  We can just let them change and complain if it isn't change we like. Or, we can try to influence that change to increase the odds that what comes next is desirable and better meets our collective needs. Cities plan. Counties plan.  Why can't neighborhoods plan?  You probably already guessed the answer.  They can. And we have.

A small area plan is a statement of community goals and policies that direct the logical physical development of an area - typically a neighborhood - into the future. The plan looks to the future, anticipates change, and provides specific guidance for prospective development actions. It reflects the results of community engagement, technical analysis, and the judgment of stakeholders.

The maps, goals and policies of the plan provide the framework for adoption of regulations, programs, and services that implement the plan. The plan serves as a guideline for designating land uses and infrastructure investments, as well as providing and developing community services.

The draft Bottineau Small Area Plan contains a half dozen or so specific policy guidance recommendations.  The more significant one are:
  1. Transition of industrial use to generally low density residential use when current uses end and opportunities arise.
  2. Down zone of river land from high density (R6) to low density (R2B) in order to reflect the actual use and protect against high density development
  3. Transition the rail corridor to paths and open space to use for passive recreation, dog walking, and connections to other bike routes.
  4. Establish the Lowry Avenue / 2nd Street intersection as a neighborhood commercial node and think about the Lowry corridor from here to the river as a neighborhood, pedestrian friendly commercial / retail area.
  5. Re-establish the street grid to promote a more neighborhood feel and to alleviate traffic pressure on certain streets.
  6. Promote high quality rehab and restoration work that reflects/ matches existing architecture to encourage long term housing stability and encourage adaptive reuse and additions to keep the housing attractive in the market.
  7. Explore higher density housing along Lowry Avenue to support commercial uses and to take advantage of transit routes.
These are long range strategies - typically 10 years or so.  However, some are much longer than that (like the street grid). 

This plan has been developed using extensive input from community stakeholders through meetings, events, and numerous surveys conducted over the last decade.  Advise from City planners and data from several research projects funded by the University of Minnesota have also influenced this plan.

The full plan is 67 pages and can be found in two places:

Pierre Bottineau Library
and online
Draft Small Area Plan

Library hours are:
  • T 12-8,
  • W 10-6,
  • Th 12-8,
  • F & S 10-6
As to see the Bottineau Plan at the front desk.

Please take some time to review it and show your support for sending it to the City Council for their approval and adoption by using the form below.  There are actually several stops 'downtown' before it gets to the full council, but that is the ultimate goal. 

Their adoption of the plan means it becomes an official addendum to the Minneapolis Plan for Sustainable Growth - the City's guiding policy document.

Support Form

Now Included: Some preliminary 2010 Census data and possible land acquisition on Lowry Avenue.

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By checking this box I am indicating that have been informed of the Bottineau Small Area Plan recommendations and have had the opportunity to review and discuss the entire plan draft. I am also indicating that the information submitted is correct and that I approve of the Bottineau Small Area Plan directions and recommendations and support the submission of the plan to the City of Minneapolis for review and adoption.